The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai | Calm Continuous Mix
Hans Zimmer – The Last Samurai | SOUNDTRACK SUITE [Music for Studying]

Hi! If you want to support me, subscribe ! Don’t hesitate to give me ideas for other mixes. Movie Music Playlist here :…​ Serie Music Playlist here :…​ Classical Music Playlist here :…​ The music in this video : 0:00​ : A way of Life 5:40​ : Taken 8:58​ : Idyll’s End 10:44​ : To know my Enemy 12:34​ : Spectres in the Fog 13:52​ : Safe Passage 18:39​ : A small measure of Peace 26:11​ : Red Warrior 30:00​ : The Way of the Sword Best selection mix. Please support the official release. This is a non-profit. Music composed by Hans Zimmer from the motion picture “The Last Samurai”.

“The Last Samurai” – Soundtrack Suite (Hans Zimmer) HD

A suite with the best themes from “The Last Samurai” soundtrack. The score was composed by Hans Zimmer and produced by Edward Zwick and Danny Bramson. Label : Elektra Records “The Last Samurai” is a epic war film directed by Edward Zwick. Studio: Radar Pictures; Bedford Falls Company; Cruise/Wagner Picture: Warner Bros. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, 2003.

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